Dmitri and Ms.Ikeda

Photo | March 5, 2012

(LEFT) Dimitri Novikov (age 22) was diagnosed with leukemia almost ten years ago. His health continues to deteriorate. He relies on friends outside his country for his medication as the proper medication for his condition is unavailable in Belarus. After the Chernobyl accident, people were evacuated to Rogin, until it became clear that Rogin was also contaminated. Since then, many have left. Those who stayed live a life of poverty and isolation.

(RIGHT) Ms. Satsuki Ikeda and her family had lived in Iitate for nine generations, where her and her sons ran a farm before being evacuated to Fukushima City. Ms. Ikeda sometimes goes back for a day or so to check on her house. Although the Iitate community has been scattered around several cities, community members try to meet every two months to organize the religious festivals that still play an important role in village life.