Kumi Naidoo - Draw The Line

Video | November 29, 2011

Internationally and at home Canada has prided itself with a reputation. Canada was among the first to impose sanctions against the apartheid regime in South Africa, has been there to help when disaster strikes such as the earthquake in Haiti, and has sent Peacekeepers to war torn countries to protect the vulnerable and encourage and restore democracy. Today, this reputation is being undermined by the oil companies extracting dirty oil from the Alberta tar sands. These companies, along with some government officials, are aggressively expanding the tar sands and pushing Canada's oil on the world, in the process blocking effective, smart policies to fight global warming in Canada, the United States, and Europe. All the while, Canada's wilderness and wildlife, clean air and fresh water are being contaminated and destroyed. The time has come to draw the line. Visit http://www.drawthelineattarsands.com