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Greenpeace Canada podcast asks; How does endorsing nuke energy prevent green energy?

Blog entry by Mary Ambrose | October 19, 2013

This month we wrestle with knotty questions about our choice of nuclear vs renewable energy, a legalistic environmental word (it's a phrase, to be legal and accurate) of the month, and a word from our sponsor....one of our fabulous...

Why Tweets will help protect your freedom of speech

Blog entry by Richard Brooks | September 27, 2013

Ontario Bill 83- also known as the anti-SLAPP bill - began its second reading on 25 September. If you aren’t familiar with what a SLAPP is; it’s a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation that aims to intimidate and silence...

Ontario must ban SLAPP suits to protect free speech

Blog entry by Peter Jacobsen, Toby Mendel, Shane Moffatt, Cara F | November 8, 2013

Published today on the Toronto Star . Ontario must ban SLAPP suits to protect free speech By:  Peter Jacobsen, Toby Mendel, Shane Moffatt, Cara Faith Zwibel  Freedom of expression and democracy are being undermined in...

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