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Clover Leaf Seafoods: Canada's largest brand of unsustainable tuna

Hub | June 1, 2011 at 10:25

Clover Leaf canned tuna products are missing the key ingredient: sustainable and equitable tuna. Instead, Clover Leaf sources its tuna from fisheries that employ destructive fishing practices that result in the killing of much more than just...

Greenpeace launches ad campaign targeting Clover Leaf Seafoods

Feature story | December 5, 2012 at 2:00

Today, Greenpeace launched a series of advertisements directed at Canada’s biggest canned tuna brand, Clover Leaf Seafoods, publicly requesting that the company finally agree to talk about an end to its sourcing of tuna from destructive fisheries.

Greenpeace Volunteers Spread the Word About Clover Leaf's Unsustainable Tuna

Blog entry by Natalie Caine | October 20, 2011

Across Canada, teams of Greenpeace volunteers have been setting up on sidewalks, outside of grocery stores like Loblaws, Sobeys, Metro and the like, to make sure the public knows the truth about Clover Leaf tuna before they walk...

Exploring the canned seafood aisle on World Tuna Day

Blog entry by Sarah King, tuna hugger | May 2, 2014

It’s been a year since we released our 2013 Canned Tuna Sustainability Ranking , revealing how well-known Canadian brands are doing when it comes to ensuring their products are ocean-friendly. What better day to share some of the...

Driving for change in Clover Leaf canned tuna in Quebec and the Maritimes

Blog entry by Sarah King | July 24, 2012

Greenpeace has set off on a four week Sustainable Tuna Tour across Quebec and the Maritimes. We’ll be popping up in over 20 small towns and cities to raise awareness about what it takes to get those cans of tuna off the shelf at...

Clover Leaf: how about a switch to ocean-friendly tuna on Oceans Day?

Blog entry by Sarah King, Oceans campaign coordinator | June 8, 2012

Today, on World Oceans Day, a shark and some Greenpeace volunteers took to the streets to ask Vancouverites to urge Clover Leaf, Canada's largest brand of unsustainable tuna, to honour the day by committing to switch to sourcing only...

Let’s make next World Turtle Day happier for our sea turtles

Blog entry by Sarah King, Oceans campaign coordinator | May 23, 2013

As an ocean campaigner I’m often asked what my favourite ocean creature is. I generally don’t play favourites, cause there are so many fantabulous marine beings to choose from, but since I was little, I’ve always had a soft spot for...

Maritimers get first taste of our Sustainable Tuna Tour

Blog entry by Sarah King, Oceans campaign coordinator | August 4, 2012

The Maritime leg of Greenpeace's Sustainable Tuna Tour kicked off today in Fredericton, New Brunswick - my home town! Over the next 10 days we will be visiting towns, villages and cities in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and...

Sharks and tuna make a delivery to Clover Leaf's B.C. office!

Blog entry by Sarah King | September 7, 2011

Two Clover Leaf Seafoods offices got a special delivery today of banners containing hundreds of signatures calling for sustainable tuna and ocean protection. The deliverers consisted of Greenpeace activists, two sharks and a yellowfin...

Buyer beware of canned tuna "gone gory"

Blog entry by Sarah King, Oceans campaign coordinator | April 19, 2013

If you’ve been on facebook the past couple of days perhaps you’ve seen Greenpeace’s image of our 2013 canned tuna sustainability ranking results. Turns out over 88,000 and counting already have, and upwards of 1000 facebookers have...

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