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Monsanto Defeated in Germany

Blog entry by Eric Darier Ph.D. | November 25, 2010

Strict Liability and Public Access to Information upheld Monsanto and the pro-genetic engineering lobby received a severe blow in the highest German court. The Federal Constitutional Court in Germany reaffirmed on November 24, 2010...

Organic Food Industry Fears GE Contamination (Reuters)

Blog entry by Josh Brandon | March 12, 2008 2 comments

Organic farmers across North America fear their livelihoods could be jeopardized by contamination by genetically engineered crops.  This morning’s Reuters article warns that GE contamination threatens to become even more widespread...

Runaway GE: just “think of a railroad train”, Dow AgroScience claims

Blog entry by Josh Brandon | February 25, 2008

I am not surprised to hear GE being compared to a runaway freight train.  But today’s comments come from Dow AgroScience representative, Garry Hamlin, not from Greenpeace.  Explaining how an unauthorized variety of genetically...

Percy Schmeiser back in Court

Blog entry by Josh Brandon | January 24, 2008

Percy Schmeiser is back in court.  The Saskatchewan canola farmer who made Monsanto infamous for their predatory lawsuits is back in court again.  This time he is on the offensive.  Schmeiser wants $600 from the pesticide and...

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