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New tar sands monitoring system can't hide growing problem

Blog entry by Keith Stewart | April 22, 2013

Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent and his Alberta counterpart Diana McQueen announced a new on-line portal for tar sands monitoring data today. As the Canadian Press story notes , this announcement is “part of an...

Over 40 groups now looking for answers from Alberta government on Suncor spills

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | April 3, 2013 3 comments

A mounting number of groups are petitioning Alberta’s Minister of the Environment Diana McQueen for answers regarding two spills from tar sands giant Suncor Energy.  The letter comes just over a week after eleven groups sent an...

Suncor Toxic Spill: A ten hour disaster

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | March 28, 2013

Yesterday night Suncor admitted that for 10-hrs on Monday, March 25 th its pipe gushed, releasing toxic, chemically treated water into the environment and the Athabasca river, the drinking water supply for countless animals, birds and...

Open letter to Alberta Environment Minister on Suncor Spill

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | March 27, 2013 1 comment

For more than FOUR hours toxic laden water from a burst pipe at Suncor’s tar sands facility spewed into Alberta’s environment and eventually into the Athabasca river. The government and industry response gave us more questions than...

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