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8 reasons why Shell can't be trusted in the Arctic

Blog entry by franziska_g | January 8, 2013

Shell's most recent 'mishap' a few days ago was not the first setback the oil giant has suffered in its plans to drill for oil in the Arctic. In fact, it's the eighth in a growing list of reasons why Shell should not be trusted in...

Whales and Drilling Platform in Cacouna

Image | September 22, 2014 at 11:11

TransCanada sets up its off-shore drilling platform in Cacouna, QC and Greepeace Activist make their presence known. 2014.09.10 Nicolas Falcimaigne / Greenpeace Canada

Latest score: Arctic 2 - Oil industry 0!

Blog entry by Truls Gulowsen | March 8, 2013

Shell’s spectacular series of mishaps in Alaska has definitely not been going down unnoticed in the oil industry. The Norwegian state-owned oil company Statoil is slowing down plans to drill for oil in US Arctic waters after Shell’s...

#TellShell to get out of the Arctic

Blog entry by Sarah Shoraka | July 20, 2012 36 comments

Calling Shell is easy, watch our video for ideas on what you might say. Oh to be a fly on the wall of a Shell boardroom this week! Activists all round the world have been taking action to #TellShell to get out of the Arctic. ...

Greenpeace stops Shell's ice breaker... four times!

Blog entry by Diego Creimer, Public Relations & Media Officer | May 15, 2012

On May 1st, Greenpeace activists from 13 different countries took part in a large scale action to block and slow down the progress of an ice breaker contracted to Shell, as it began its progress from Finland to Alaska, from where it...

Activists occupy Shell icebreaker ship in Finland

Blog entry by EoinD | May 1, 2012

In an effort to prevent destructive oil drilling in the Arctic , dozens of Greenpeace Nordic activists have boarded and occupied a Shell-contracted icebreaker in Helsinki harbour as it prepared to leave for the Alaskan Arctic. At...

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