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Vivienne Westwood picks winning flag to symbolize Arctic protection

Blog entry by Diego Creimer | March 15, 2013

Vivienne Westwood with fellow judges Hilary Tam (c) and Aishah Morshed, a Girl Guide from Ireland, with the winning design for the flag that will be planted on the seabed at the North Pole in April 2013. A judging panel with...

Wanted: Polar explorers. No experience required.

Blog entry by James Turner | March 27, 2013

In just over two weeks I will be standing on the frozen Arctic ocean, preparing to ski to the North Pole. I'll be wearing four layers of fleece and a special hat that someone knitted for me. In my pockets I'll carry some almond...

Flying high in the icy Arctic wonderland

Blog entry by Kari Reller* | March 26, 2013

Once you find inspiration, a splash of color will fill you up with the energy to make a change. The four walls around you feel less binding because you now realize you have a window leading to an outside world full of indescribable...

A triangle of hope on the Arctic Ocean floor

Blog entry by Diego Creimer | December 21, 2012

Since the dawn of history, men, people and especially armies have flown flags and banners. The first ones, in fact, were an aid to co-ordinating troop movements on battlefields. Each flag indicated the exact position of a column of...

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