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Groups say 'no' to nuclear power in Quebec

Blog entry by Shawn Patrick Stensil | August 10, 2008

Over forty environmental groups wrote to Quebec’s National Assembly today to ask them to say ‘no’ to Hydro-Quebec if its board of directors decides to move ahead with a $1.5 plan to rebuild the ageing Gentilly-2 nuclear station,...

Greenpeace takes action to close Gentilly-2

Blog entry by Pierre Bernadet | April 13, 2011

This morning at 6:45 , about ten Greenpeace Activists blocked the doors of the Hydro-Quebec building in Montreal. The message is clear : we are closing Hydro-Quebec because this is what Hydro-Quebec and the Charest government should do...

Hydro-Quebec to Decide Gentilly-2's Fate Today

Blog entry by Shawn Patrick Stensil | August 15, 2008

Quebec media reports that Hydro-Quebec’s board of directors will decide at a closed door meeting today whether it proceeds with the $1.5 billion project to rebuild and extend the life of Gentilly-2, Quebec’s only nuclear reactor. ...

Quebec to Decide Fate of Nuclear Power this Year

Blog entry by Shawn Patrick Stensil | June 15, 2008

The Montreal Gazette has an article in today’s paper discussing the future of Gentilly-2, Quebec’s only nuclear reactor. Gentilly-2 started operation in 1983 and like all CANDU reactors is undergoing pre-maturing ageing, and must be...

Quebec’s nuclear exit: Lessons for Ontario

Blog entry by Shawn-Patrick Stensil | September 28, 2012 4 comments

The environmental movement had a huge win last week:  Quebec announced it will shut down its only nuclear reactor, Gentilly-2.    I believe we can import the success of the campaign to close Gentilly-2 to Ontario.  Together we can stop...

Give Green Energy a Fair Shot: Come Clean on Nuclear Costs

Blog entry by Shawn-Patrick Stensil, Nuclear Analyst | April 19, 2012

Politicians from the left and right are looking for ways to keep Ontario’s spending under control.  A story out of Quebec today shows one way Ontario could save billions of dollars: reign in nuclear spending.   Hydro-Quebec...

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