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On Keystone XL, beware John Baird bearing gifts

Blog entry by Keith Stewart | July 31, 2013

Stephen Harper’s best hope for getting the Keystone pipeline approved is a time machine. Because unless Doctor Who shows up to whisk our Prime Minister and John Baird back to 2007 in the time-travelling Tardis, his own record of broken...

Minister Baird remains silent as Canadian Greenpeace activists held in Russia

Blog entry by Farrah Khan, Arctic Campaigner | December 17, 2013

It has been nearly three months since Russian authorities illegally took control of the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, jailing its passengers and crew following their attempt to peacefully protest Arctic oil drilling in international...

6000 kilometers of shame – Feds allow endangered whale meat to cross Canada

Blog entry by Sarah King | February 14, 2014

Join us and urge federal ministers to stop the transit of endangered whale meat through Canada. Take action Two weeks ago, Greenpeace received a tip that a dozen containers of meat from endangered fin whales have arrived in...

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