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New tar sands monitoring system can't hide growing problem

Blog entry by Keith Stewart | April 22, 2013

Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent and his Alberta counterpart Diana McQueen announced a new on-line portal for tar sands monitoring data today. As the Canadian Press story notes , this announcement is “part of an...

The numbers speak for themselves

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | February 25, 2011

Despite saying the words 'world class,' 'clean energy provider,' and 'sustainable development' enough times to make your head spin, the Progressive Conservative government revealed its true colours last night and showed once again that...

Tar sands science panel: If you can’t trust the data, you can’t trust the decision

Blog entry by Keith Stewart | December 22, 2010

In the face of mounting scientific criticism, the federal government convened a panel of leading scientists to review the environmental monitoring system in the tar sands region. The Panel’s report is well worth a read: concise,...

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