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More groups express support for Greenpeace in face of Resolute’s $7 million lawsuit

Blog entry by Richard Brooks | June 27, 2013

We on the Greenpeace forest campaign team are feeling inspired this week. Since we made public our response to Resolute’s attempt to intimidate us into silence through a $7,000,000 lawsuit, the number of organizations supporting us has...

Greenpeace joins call for action on intimidation lawsuits

Blog entry by Shane Moffatt | October 15, 2012 2 comments

Greenpeace today joined environmental groups endorsing a proposed new law that would defend Ontarians’ rights to speak out on issues of public interest without fear of high-cost lawsuits meant to intimidate them. Hours before the...

Bill 83 to protect free speech “a priority” for Kathleen Wynne

Blog entry by Shane Moffatt, Forest Campaigner | February 11, 2014

With the Ontario legislature set to get back to work in one week, not long after Valentine’s day, Premier Kathleen Wynne showed some love for Bill 83 on Reddit today, describing the key free speech legislation as “a priority” of her...

Ontario must ban SLAPP suits to protect free speech

Blog entry by Peter Jacobsen, Toby Mendel, Shane Moffatt, Cara F | November 8, 2013

Published today on the Toronto Star . Ontario must ban SLAPP suits to protect free speech By:  Peter Jacobsen, Toby Mendel, Shane Moffatt, Cara Faith Zwibel  Freedom of expression and democracy are being undermined in...

Resolute Forest Products will not tolerate dissent, job posting, lawsuit suggest

Blog entry by Shane Moffatt, Forest Campaigner | February 14, 2014 2 comments

The mask has slipped. Resolute Forest Products made a rare public misstep lately when the company advertised for the position of Specialist in Social Media and Public Affairs . Remarkably, the prospective candidate is explicitly...

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