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Did the Redford Government try to cover-up one of the largest spills in Alberta’s...

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | June 13, 2013 2 comments

There’s been a lot of reporting in the last few days about the  Apache industrial waste water spill  in Northwestern, Alberta. The massive spill poured over 9.5 million litres of toxic water into an internationally recognized wetlands...

Save the Arctic from Shell and its Russian friends

Blog entry by Diego Creimer | July 2, 2013

The Arctic is once again under attack from oil companies. Over the past year we’ve seen just how reckless Arctic drilling is. Shell, one of the world’s biggest and most powerful corporations, has been leading the charge but a...

Our blackened boots expose the truth in the Russian Arctic

Blog entry by Zhenya Belyakova | June 11, 2013

Right now I am in the Russian Arctic as part of a Greenpeace factfinding mission. We are near a town called Pyt'-Yah, in the Khanty-Mansi region of Siberia, which is surrounded by Rosneft oil fields, the largest public oil company in...

What other spills is the Alberta Government not telling you about?

Blog entry by mhudema | June 15, 2013

If the Alberta Government didn’t inform you about one of the largest spills in the province’s history – How many other spills don't we know about? It was one of the largest spills in Alberta turbulent pipeline history and the...

The consequences of an oil spill in Canada’s West Coast waters

Publication | June 26, 2010 at 15:36

If the Canadian government approves a proposal from pipeline giant Enbridge Inc. to build twin Northern Gateway pipelines from Alberta’s tar sands to Kitimat on northern B.C.’s Great Bear Rainforest, an oil spill in the region is inevitable.

What is the Alberta government trying to hide on Suncor spill?

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | April 15, 2013

If you wanted to update the public about the toxicity results from a 2,200 barrel pipe rupture on Suncor’s tar sands facility, how and when would you do it? If you answered “I’d post it on an obscure blog on Friday afternoon ”,...

An Oily Cover-up: The tar sands spill that keeps on spilling.

Blog entry by mhudema | July 20, 2013 1 comment

An Oily Cover-up: The tar sands spill that keeps on spilling. Reading the Alberta government’s new energy regulator (AER)  first  and  second  release about the tar sands spill at Cold Lake one gets the sense that a spill happened...

Over 40 groups now looking for answers from Alberta government on Suncor spills

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | April 3, 2013 3 comments

A mounting number of groups are petitioning Alberta’s Minister of the Environment Diana McQueen for answers regarding two spills from tar sands giant Suncor Energy.  The letter comes just over a week after eleven groups sent an...

Another tar sands spill you never heard about

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | April 2, 2013

As we still wait for very basic answers regarding the Suncor burst pipe that for 10 hours spewed toxic water into the Athabasca river, the Government of Alberta released information late Thursday of another startling toxic incident...

Suncor Toxic Spill: A ten hour disaster

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | March 28, 2013

Yesterday night Suncor admitted that for 10-hrs on Monday, March 25 th its pipe gushed, releasing toxic, chemically treated water into the environment and the Athabasca river, the drinking water supply for countless animals, birds and...

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