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Resolute's green marketing won't cut it

Blog entry by Shane Moffatt | May 16, 2013 1 comment

At Resolute Forest Products’ Resolute Forest Products’ annual general meeting of stockholders in Thunder Bay today, CEO Richard Garneau pointed to a lot of pictures of trees. Then he pointed to some colorful green pictures. Then more...

This is what APP’s new sustainability commitments look like

Blog entry by Bustar Maitar | September 27, 2012 1 comment

Asia Pulp and Paper has spent the last few weeks telling customers around the world that the company’s latest sustainability pledges mean that this time, the changes the company has announced are genuine.  To the untrained eye new...

Quebec’s Boreal Forest: Unions, Government and Greenpeace talk solutions

Blog entry by Nicolas Mainville, Forest Campaigner | January 17, 2013

During a meeting held yesterday in Quebec, Unions representing  Resolute Forest Products  (Resolute) workers, the Ministers of both the Environment and Natural Resources and Greenpeace agreed to work jointly towards the protection of...

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