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Greenpeace, the Yes Men and the inside story of #ShellFail

Blog entry by EoinD | June 11, 2012

Last Thursday somebody on Youtube called "kstr3l" posted a video from his phone of a Shell PR event gone horribly, hilariously wrong. By Friday afternoon it had already been watched 500,000 times, and was making the rounds with the...

Oil companies fooled into meeting with Greenpeace on dangers of Arctic oil

Blog entry by Keith Stewart | December 1, 2011

Greenpeace pulled off a Yes Men-style stunt today in Copenhagen that resulted in 18 oil executives from 11 companies dutifully taking notes through a half-hour presentation that they thought was from the Greenland Bureau of Mineral and...

The Yes Men Fix Canada. Now you can too!

Blog entry by Cody Skinner | May 9, 2011 1 comment

Learn from the masters of the high jinks and hoax — the Yes Men! The Yes Men themselves are hosting a how-to clinic in Toronto this week to teach their brand of activism for social justice: high-profile spoofs that have solidified...

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