Greenpeace asks to meet with AbitibiBowater

Press release - October 31, 2007
Following the merger of forest giants Abitibi-Consolidated and Bowater, which was finalized early this week, Greenpeace is asking to meet with the new post merger CEO, Mr. David J. Paterson.

Greenpeace is anxious to begin engaging in a constructive dialogue with the new leadership of AbitibiBowater, with a priority of seeing action from the company dealing with concerns about the sustainability of logging activities including clearcutting intact forest areas and threatened woodland caribou habitat.

Greenpeace's high profile, international campaign has drawn global attention to the plight of Canada's Boreal Forest, and the well known environmental organization is looking for a significant move by the company in favour of conservation. Greenpeace hopes that the merger will allow AbitibiBowater to take a leadership role in environmental initiatives, sustainable forestry and First Nations issues.  

Although relations between Greenpeace and the forest industry have seemed contentious, Greenpeace is open to dialogue and information exchange with AbitibiBowater, and looks forward to collaboration.

For more information, please contact:

Kim Fry, Toronto, Forests Campaigner:  647-406-0664