It takes the strongest kind of courage to stand up to the most powerful organization in Canada—the federal government—not once, but twice. And, that's exactly what the Inuit community of Clyde River, Nunavut are doing.

After being denied its appeal at Canada's Federal Court of Appeal, the community will have its case against seismic blasting heard at the highest court in the country. Seismic blasting, the dangerous first step in offshore oil exploration, involves firing loud sound cannons underwater in order to map the ocean floor for oil and gas deposits. This seismic project was approved by the National Energy Board in 2014. The outcome of the case could help keep this destructive practice out of the Arctic.

Scientific and Inuit traditional knowledge alike have documented its devastating impact on marine life. For Inuit, this has a direct impact on their ability to find food from the ocean on which they depend. Clyde River was not properly consulted on this project, which is required by law. This means that not only does seismic blasting jeopardize their right to eat, but it also violates their rights as Indigenous Peoples under Canadian and international law. The world is watching as Prime Minister Trudeau’s promises to respect these rights, are put to the test.

With less than a week left until Clyde River’s day in court, here are 6 easy things you can do to support them, matching their courage with yours.

1. Send a noise complaint to Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau


Seismic blasting is unbelievably loud. Cannons fire 259dB explosions every 10 seconds in water usually teeming with narwhals, belugas and seals. To think that there would be no adverse impact on such creatures which are so sensitive to sound, and indeed depend on its for communication in many cases, is RIDICULOUS! ShoPrimMinister Trudeau how ridiculouit reallis btaking (or making) a photo likthonabove, and sending him your noise complaint. Show solidarity for Inuit who are fighting to protect their home and speak up for the marine animals who can’t! Click here for how to do it.

2. Follow and support the community on their Facebook page

It means so much to the people in Clyde River that folks from all walks of life are uniting with them for Indigenous rights and to protect the Arctic. Sharing loving words of support can add strength to community members’ spirits, and make this fight stronger. Let the community know that there are thousands of people ready to defend the Arctic with them!

3. Watch and share this video of Emma Thompson learning about Inuit culture and food security

This video is about the deep connection that Clyde River Inuit have with the ocean, land and animals that live around them—and why the community’s food security is at stake. Please watch and share. Feeling more ambitious? Share it with the Prime Minister on Twitter (@JustinTrudeau) or tag/post it on his Facebook (@JustinPJTrudeau) or Instagram (justinpjtrudeau).

4. Donate to help with legal costs

Clyde River is a tiny community of just over 1,000 people and they are going head-to-head with a multibillion dollar industry AND the Canadian government. Their legal battle  started over 2 years ago and the community has no intention of giving up until Nunavut waters are safe from seismic blasting. Can you make a donation to help them keep fighting?

5. Join the rally at the Supreme Court of Canada


There will be a solidarity rally in support of the community in Ottawa on November 30 in front of the Supreme Court building. Come and join us if you’re in the neighbourhood! Find out more and connect with other people on Facebook.

  • Not in the neighbourhood? No problem.Tune in to a morning livestream on Greenpeace International’s Facebook page. Hear from the community members and ask questions live! Or, join a lunchtime livestream on Greenpeace Canada’s page and a chance to hear from Clyde River community members  on how proceedings are going.

The Supreme Court also live streams proceedings. You’ll be able to find the webcast on the Supreme Court website or on the Canadian Public Affairs Channel.

6. Sign and share the petition

It may feel old-school, but it’s absolutely worth signing this petition. Clyde River will deliver ALL of the names of people who have signed, directly to Prime Minister Trudeau. Trudeau has explicitly promised Indigenous People he would respect their rights but failed to live up to these promises. This is not okay. Add your name to show Trudeau that Clyde River has support and that Indigenous voices should not be ignored any longer.


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