tar sands

After one historic month because of strength of Indigenous leaders and the power of people we have a Texas based pipeline company on the run.

On Saturday, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip joined with other Indigenous leaders, Naomi Klein and hundreds of supporters to once again challenge Kinder Morgan’s toxic pipeline plans. They blocked the company’s gates and for an entire day stopped any vehicles from moving into or out of the property. It was a powerful day and an important reminder of the strength of the movement that has been built to stop this project.

 Kinder Morgan protest

On Sunday, the company took a knee (and not in the cool Colin Kaepernick kind of way) and announced they were stopping all non-essential spending on their ill-fated, heavily opposed pipeline project. They also gave themselves a deadline of May 31st to determine whether the pipeline is viable at all.

This is a big win, thanks to the incredible Indigenous leadership and people power that have been fighting this project from the very beginning. It is proof that once again when we are guided by justice, when we work together, and when we stand strong, we can battle the biggest foes and we can win.

Now while this is a massive win, it isn’t our final victory.

We have 51-days to ensure Kinder Morgan gets the message and packs up its bags and goes back to Texas.

Warrior up

51-days to fend off Alberta and Federal governments attacks on our democracy, on the B.C. government, and on frontline Indigenous defenders - that the government consistently forgets are the true holders of jurisdiction here and have never consented to this pipeline through their territories and waters;

51-days to protect the lands, water, coast and climate that we all hold so dear and this pipeline endangers.

51-days to stand-up to a Texas bully and win.

Already almost 200 people have been arrested. And over the coming 51-days more will join them. They’ve come from all walks of life. There have been opera singers, pipeline engineers, seniors, and students all united by their love for this place and for the values it holds.

We need you to be part of that chorus.

If there was ever a time to speak out, to write a letter to the editor, to phone the Prime Minister, organize a rally at your local MP’s office, or support a frontline fight that time is now.

We have 51-days and then we all may be able to breathe one great big sigh of relief because the 200,000 jobs that depend on a clean coast line will no longer be endanger, the 76 southern resident Orca whales will be able to swim a little freer, our climate commitments will become a little easier to reach, and our commitments to Indigenous Peoples will be a little less torn.

51-days isn’t that long a time especially with everything that’s at stake so for the next 51-days lets ensure we do everything we can to stand with Indigenous defenders and protect this coast.

The battle is long but it's a battle worth fighting and it’s one we need (and will) win.


 Warrior up