Greenpeace Canada spokesperson Mike Hudema said the following about the federal government’s announcement regarding the Kinder Morgan, Northern Gateway and Line 3 pipelines:
“Apparently Justin Trudeau’s sunny ways mean dark days ahead for climate action and Indigenous reconciliation in Canada. With this announcement Prime Minister Trudeau has broken his climate commitments, broken his commitments to Indigenous rights, and has declared war on B.C. If Prime Minister Trudeau wanted to bring Standing Rock-like protests to Canada, he succeeded.”

The approval of Line 3 is expected to increase upstream greenhouse gas emissions alone by 10-13 millions of tonnes (MT) (Environment Canada). The approval of Kinder Morgan pipeline is expected to increase upstream greenhouse gas emissions by 13-15 MT (Environment Canada). Together the upstream emissions of these two pipelines alone would effectively negate the emission reductions from the national carbon pricing plan (18 MT), and the national coal phase-out (5 MT).

“After the election of Donald Trump in the U.S. the world was hoping to see more climate leadership from Canada and instead they are getting much, much less. These pipelines would push Canada’s international climate commitments out of reach and lock Canada into millions of tonnes of new emissions for decades to come. We need to build the clean energy economy of the 21st century, not expand a fossil fuel infrastructure that the world is quickly moving away from.

Today the Prime Minister’s also broke his promise to Indigenous reconciliation. Despite the stated opposition to these pipelines from over 100 First Nations and tribes, the Prime Minister ignored their voices and approved two new pipelines that would bring ongoing threats to their lands, culture, water and economies.

We will stand with First Nations, municipalities, and communities across Canada to ensure these pipelines are never built. Whether it is through lawsuits, protests or peaceful direct action, we will live up to the promises our governments have made, even if they won’t. These pipelines will never make it into the ground.”

For more information: Mike Hudema, Greenpeace Canada climate and energy campaigner, 780-504-5601