Protect the Climate

On March 10th, Indigenous cultural and spiritual leaders have asked us to join them to take a stand against Kinder Morgan’s massive new oil pipeline. Greenpeace is answering this call and if we rise up with one voice, we can protect these waters. Will you join us?

The battle to stop the Kinder Morgan’s tar sands pipeline has always been led by Indigenous Peoples. They have taken to the courts, to public hearings, and now to the land to protect the sacred for all of us.

Last year, members of the Secwepemc Nation in B.C. became the ‘tiny house warriors’, a Indigenous grassroots group resisting Kinder Morgan’s pipeline, which would endanger their lands and waters, and which never obtained their consent. They built three tiny houses, and have plans for 7 more. They will soon put them all along where the pipeline would seek to travel through their traditional lands.

Their message is simple: this land is home. It is ceremony. It is connection. It is who they are as a people and that is not something to be sacrificed so a Texas oil company can get rich.

Tiny House Warriors

Now the battle is moving to the coast, to the water of the Salish Sea and the mighty Pacific — the playground of endangered orcas and the life-blood of millions. Kinder Morgan’s new pipeline would create a supertanker highway from Vancouver to California. Not only would this tanker traffic spell extinction for the endangered orcas, but the consequences of a spill would be devastating to marine life and everyone who makes a living from coastal economies.

On March 10th, Indigenous cultural and spiritual leaders have asked us to join them to take a stand against this pipeline. Greenpeace will be there, lending our support to these leaders and protecting oceans, water and marine life. We know that Water is Life. We’re calling on people all around the world to rise up with one voice and protect these waters, will you join us? 

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Leading this courageous stand of resistance are Ta’ah (Amy George),and Will George, memebers of the Tsleil Waututh. They wanted to share this message with you:

To our dear friends and allies,

The moment to stop the dangerous Kinder Morgan pipeline and tanker project is upon us.

Texas oil giant Kinder Morgan has been threatening to destroy our lands, waters, culture and spirit by poisoning our territory, and wrecking the climate that sustains us all, with its dangerous Trans Mountain pipeline.

Since this pipeline was first conceived, Tsleil-Waututh members have been protecting our territory from proposed oil flowing through our lands, and tankers intruding into our Inlet. Now, we are asking you to stand with us in our defence of the lands and waters.  

Our members, spiritual leaders, and youth will be on the land practicing our culture and spirit as we have for time immemorial. We will use our presence to stop Kinder Morgan.

It is time for you to join us and do whatever it takes to stop Kinder Morgan. Join Kwekwecnewtxw and stand with us to Protect the Inlet.

It will take all of us to stop this massive project.  

O’siem and Hay cha qa,

Ta’ah (Amy George), Tsleil-Waututh Elder

Will George, Tsleil-Waututh Member

March 10th, as Indigenous leaders from all along the pipeline and tanker route gather to protect the seas, will you be there to join them?

Together, we can stop this pipeline and protect this beautiful place for this generation and the next seven after that.

We know we have better solutions than a pipeline that would endanger the climate, endanger the land, endanger the water, and break our commitments to Indigenous Peoples. We know we have better ways to produce energy, to create jobs and create sustainable economies from coast to coast to coast. 

But in order for solutions to take root, we need to ensure that we don’t expand the problem. March 10th — protect the water, protect the land, protect the climate: Kwekwecnewtxw.

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Protect the Climate