Big news: The Ontario Court of Appeal upheld a ruling that some of Resolute’s allegations against Greenpeace Canada are “scandalous and vexatious.”

This means that the scope of Resolute’s $7 million dollar defamation lawsuit filed in Ontario against Greenpeace Canada and two staff filed in 2013 is greatly reduced.

In its claims, Resolute had alleged that Greenpeace has a strategy of distorting the truth and ‘sensationalizing’ the evidence in order to appeal to its donor base. However the court found that there is not a “single example” pleaded of Greenpeace doing such a thing.

Resolute can try to muzzle their watchdogs by filing lawsuits as part of an expensive PR campaign, but they will ultimately fail. Greenpeace will continue to stand by our critique of Resolute’s forestry practices — criticism based on reliable scientific evidence.

A decision is also expected soon on whether Resolute’s second lawsuit, a $300 million dollar case filed in Augusta, Georgia against Greenpeace in the U.S., Greenpeace International and, will be heard in court or dismissed outright. This lawsuit alleges Greenpeace’s campaign to protect the boreal forest is a “criminal scheme.” No surprise: Resolute’s law firm is Kasowitz Benson, who also represents U.S. President Donald Trump.

We’ll leave it at this: we are confident that the courts will continue to dismiss Resolute’s inflammatory allegations.