kinder morgan hearingsFor the last two weeks, I’ve been watching the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain court hearings

I’ve listened as six First Nations, two municipal governments, one provincial government and a few environmental organizations put forward omission after omission after omission.

Each one articulated how the National Energy Board and Kinder Morgan failed them, neglected to respond to their concerns, didn’t hear their voices and yet despite that approved a project that would significantly and detrimentally affect their lives.

The concerns ranged from threats to drinking water, lack of consultation and consent, risks to an endangered killer whale population and the inability of safety workers to protect community members from a large scale incident at Kinder Morgan’s tank farm.

Each one should be enough to reverse the decision to approve this pipeline; collectively they should be a wall that no pipeline can pass. 

choose water not pipelines

Sitting through the arguments,  listening to the concerns, hearing the justice’s questions, and seeing Kinder Morgan struggle to provide adequate answers, you get the sense that justice could prevail — that we could see the courts put the interests of people ahead of those of the fossil fuel sector.

After almost a decade of growing resistance, it was the courts that put the final nail in the Enbridge’s Northern Gateway tar sands pipeline. If the arguments against the pipeline are upheld in the judge’s decision, it might be the courts that are the final nail for the Trans Mountain Expansion as well.

Regardless, investors should be worried. TransCanada lost over a billion dollars when it finally admitted Energy East had to be shelved. Kinder Morgan might have to write off a lot more when it makes the same realization about its ill-fated project.

Whether it’s in the courts, in the banks, or on the land, people are taking action to make sure this pipeline won’t come to fruition. It’s best to be like BNP Paribas (the 8th largest bank in the world), which  took a big step forward today and committed to stop funding tar sands pipelines) and get on the right side of history.

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