Great news! Today, the Supreme Court of Canada agreed to hear a very important case.

Clyde River is a tiny hamlet in Nunavut, where for the past two years the community has been challenging the approval of a five-year seismic blasting project in nearby waters. This small community of 1,100 people is going up against a billion dollar industry, greedy to explore the Arctic for every last drop of oil.

Today’s announcement marks a huge victory! This is the first time a case from Nunavut will be heard. Only 5% of cases are accepted by the Supreme Court!

The stakes in this case are really high: if the court rules in Clyde River’s favour, it will set a supreme and total precedent for oil and gas projects across Canada. This case will decide what Indigenous consent to proposed energy projects looks like, hopefully shaping the future of energy development in Canada for the better.

Stephen Harper’s pro-oil government gave a green light to searching for dangerous Arctic oil in our Northern waters, but neither Canadians nor the local Inuit ever consented. Seismic companies want to search for oil using loud air gun blasts, which have been found to permanently damage the hearing of marine mammals like narwhals and bowhead whales. Local communities depend on these animals for their survival in the North, so the proposed seismic blasting recklessly puts their livelihoods in jeopardy.

Right now, we have an opportunity to stop the seismic blasting before it even begins. Clyde River’s future and the traditional Inuit way of life is on the line.

Hundreds of thousands of people from around the world have already stood behind this tiny, but fierce community. Clyde River still needs our support.

Please, sign and share the petition to support Clyde River’s case.