Resolute needs to look in the mirrorResolute Forest Product’s  announced today the temporary closure of two paper machines at its Dolbeau and Alma paper mills in Quebec. The company management chose to blame Greenpeace for these closures.

I think that is irresponsible and disrespectful of their workers. 

Greenpeace staff in Canada, the USA and International have invited Resolute to work with us to adopt win win solutions for the forest, First Nations communities and local jobs. We even asked them in person at their annual shareholder meeting last week, backed by the voices of thousands of people.

We have said time and again: "we can help you, we hope you will change course." Resolute has chosen to ignore these propositions and instead blame Greenpeace.

I believe that Resolute management needs to look itself in the mirror as their actions are bearing fruit and unfortunately that fruit is rotten.

In contrast to Resolute, since 2011, forest product companies Domtar and Canfor have increased their workforce by 1088 employees. In the same period of time Resolute has laid off or lost 2,700 people. Further still, since 2007, Resolute’s workforce has decreased by over 50%.

The blame game has to stop. We think it’s time for the governments of Ontario and Quebec to step in and convene a meeting of the parties and save these jobs, communities and forests.  It’s time for someone else to broker a solution.

If it can be done in British Columbia and Indonesia and the Brazilian Amazon and Finland and Russia, it can be done in the Canadian Boreal Forest. If other logging companies can work collaboratively with Greenpeace and environmental organizations and Indigenous First Nations, Resolute can as well.