Energy [R]evolution

Icebergs from glaciers display alarming signs of increased melt and flow rate in Greenland. © Nick Cobbing / Greenpeace

Greenpeace pressures the federal government and mobilizes Canadians to demand action on climate change. We have developed a comprehensive Energy [R]evolution for Canada that outlines a green energy future that challenges this country’s current destructive energy scenario. Become part of the Canadian Energy [R]evolution and fight climate change by supporting renewable energy.

Climate change is a reality, and it’s caused by human activity: the burning of fossil fuels. Climate change has a serious effect on the environment and people. Experts estimate hundreds of thousands of people die annually from the effects of climate change. Global warming causes glaciers to melt, sea levels to rise, extreme weather and habitat loss.

Climate scientists agree that global greenhouse gas emissions must peak by 2015 and then drop significantly to keep the increase in the average global temperature to less than 2 degrees C and avoid catastrophic climate change.

How Greenpeace works to stop climate change

  • Targeting offenders: We take direct action against operations in the tar sands.
  • Pressuring governments: We confront the federal and Alberta governments and urge them to stop promoting the dirty oil of the tar sands and do more to tackle climate change. We pressure the federal government to make its target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 stronger.
  • Mobilizing Canadians: We inspire Canadians—150,000 and counting—to join us in demanding action on climate change from the federal government.
  • Offering energy alternatives: We urge Canada to invest in green energy. The Greenpeace Energy [R]evolution for Canada and other Energy [R]evolution reports show how a green energy system and higher energy efficiency can address climate change.

The latest updates


Let's Make 2017 A Year Justin Trudeau Will Never Forget

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | December 2, 2016 3 comments

It was a betrayal.   It was a betrayal of us, of the land, of the water, and a betrayal of his own words.   When Justin Trudeau approved two massive tar sands pipeline expansions he tore up his promises to the climate...

With Trump Soon To Be in the White House, How Can Prime Minister Trudeau Approve...

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | November 20, 2016

The case against new tarsands pipelines has always been a strong one. Between the millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emission s they would unlock, the threats to communities, water, and, land they would pose, and the unshaken...

Will Trudeau and Notley rise to the Trump Climate Challenge? The early forecast is no.

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | November 16, 2016 1 comment

It’s absolutely perplexing. While many of us are trying to figure out how to increase global climate ambition in wake of the disastrous election south of the border the Canadian and Albertan government seem to have not gotten the...

Together We Are Stronger Than Trump

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | November 9, 2016 2 comments

I feel pretty devastated right now. Watching the votes roll in for the U.S. election and seeing a candidate that denies climate change and so openly promotes and embodies misogyny, racism, and hate become the next President...

We can literally print solar panels and yet Canada is still talking about pipelines

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | November 8, 2016 2 comments

That’s about as simple as I can put the paradox I feel everyday living in a country that still hasn’t come to terms with the global crisis we are living in. All around the world we see the threats of the climate crisis –...

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