Mattel drops rainforest destruction

The Sumatran Tiger can breathe a little easier tonight – Mattel has announced that it is dropping all links to rainforest destruction.

When Greenpeace revealed this summer that Mattel had been using paper from notorious rainforest destroyer Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) to packaging their Barbie toy products, the world responded. You watched our campaign video an incredible 2 million times and sent 500,000 emails to Mattel.

But now Mattel has presented the world with a new policy that ends its involvement with APP’s ongoing destruction of Sumatran Tiger habitat. This is smart business and it’s the right thing to do. People don’t want to buy products that come from rainforest and tiger habitat destruction. Companies that want to be deforestation-free can’t use APP products.

Congratulate Mattel Canada for doing the right thing here:


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