Tell KFC to go the extra mile for rainforests

It's time the world’s largest fast food chain took responsibility for keeping rainforest destruction out of their products. We need you to email the KFC Board of Directors to ask them to act.

The good news is that following the thousands of emails you sent last time to the CEO  the company has announced the start of a process to examine where their packaging comes from. But we still need your help to persuade them to put together a global deforestation policy to ensure they won’t buy from companies like Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) that are pulping rainforests critical for the survival of the Sumatran tiger.

Please email KFC's Board of Directors and ask them to cut deforestation out of their supply chain and keep tiger forests standing in Indonesia.


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Hundreds of thousands of you have helped us get this far. But now we need you to give KFC another push by emailing CEO David Novak's Board of Directors, who he has to answer to.