Achievements so far and coming milestones:

Page - May 17, 2011
Achievements so far and coming milestones:

Initial CBFA achievements in Quebec, Ontario and the rest of Canada include:

  • An evaluation of the woodland caribou recovery plan in Quebec;
  • Identification of critical habitat for caribou in Ontario;
  • Recommendations to the Ontario government on how to protect and recover caribou;
  • Creation of a secretariat charged with implementing the Agreement, and Regional Working Groups to do on-the-ground planning;
  • Creation of an Independent Science Advisory Team;
  • Creation of the Boreal Business Forum with customers of Boreal wood products industry overseeing implementation of the Agreement;
  • Progress toward finalization of Phase 1 projects in Quebec, Ontario;
  • Invitations to with local First Nations communities to participate in the conservation planning aspects of the Agreement;
  • Hiring of an Independent Auditor, KPMG, to assess CBFA progress with a first report to be released in June 2011;
  • Development of draft ecosystem-based management (EBM) principles and practices for ensuring world-leading sustainable forest practices in the Boreal Forest.

Upcoming milestones:

  • Independent Auditor’s report measuring progress on implementing CBFA commitments due in June 2011;
  • Results of the first planning projects in Quebec and Ontario;
  • Responses from governments regarding proposed protected areas and conservation measures for the woodland caribou;
  • Best practices guide for ecosystem-based management, caribou conservation, and identifying protected areas.