Consuming the Boreal Forest: the chain of destruction from logging companies to consumers

Publication - August 13, 2007
Greenpeace names the companies behind the destruction of the Boreal forest in Canada - tracing the "chain of destruction" from companies to consumers.

The chain of destruction from forest companies to consumers

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Executive summary: The remaining intact areas of the Boreal Forest area are threatened. Large intact forest landscapes make up only sixty-three per cent of the Boreal Forest, with thirty- two per cent of this located in Ontario and Quebec. These biologically diverse and essential areas of habitat for species such as woodland caribou are quickly disappearing at the hands of a number of logging and pulp companies which rely on intensive, unsustainable logging practices. Leading this group of companies are Abitibi-Consolidated, Bowater, Kruger and SFK Pulp and they are profiled in this report. These companies form the first link in a chain of destruction that leads from forest to mill to product manufacturer to retailer to consumer. These companies produce solid wood products, paper and pulp that are sold to customers worldwide. Recent studies have shown that Abitibi, Bowater and Kruger have been responsible for the fragmentation and degradation of massive areas of Boreal Forest. Less than 25.9% of forests in Ontario and 33.7% in Quebec under management of or logged by Abitibi, Bowater and Kruger remain intact.

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