Great Bear Rainforest

The spirit bear (also known as Kermode Bear) makes its home in the Great Bear Rainforest. © Andrew Wright /

Greenpeace fought for a decade to ensure greater protection for the magnificent Great Bear Rainforest, and continues to work with the B.C. government and other partners to ensure the forest’s long-term sustainability.

Stretching along the coast from Vancouver to Alaska, the Great Bear Rainforest is the largest tract of intact coastal temperate rainforest in the world. The forest was threatened by industrial logging and mining. Habitat for elk, eagles and bears was being destroyed.

On March 31, 2009, the B.C. government announced the preservation of 50 per cent of the Great Bear Rainforest, following through on part of its 2006 promise to protect 70 per cent. Greenpeace, our environmental partners, the B.C. government, First Nations and logging companies celebrated. The B.C. government called the agreement the “most significant environmental announcement in the province’s history.” We agree.

The Great Bear Rainforest agreement also includes more restrictive logging regulations, recognizes First Nations as governments and supports sustainable development in First Nations communities. Although many parts of the plan are being implemented, Greenpeace’s campaign to protect the rainforest is not over. The B.C. government has committed to setting aside 70 per cent of the natural level of old growth forest by 2014. We will make sure it does.

How Greenpeace protects the Great Bear Rainforest

  • Exposing environmental problems: We cast a spotlight on industrial projects that threaten the health of the rainforest.
  • Engaging in solutions-based discussions: We are involved in ongoing discussions with our environmental partners, First Nations, the forestry industry and the B.C. government. Learn more about this global solution in the making.
  • Pressuring the marketplace: We communicate with companies that buy wood from the rainforest, urging them to use their purchasing power to influence logging practices. We encourage Forest Stewardship Council certification for logging companies.
  • Supporting communities: We support First Nations in their efforts to diversify their economies and increase their governance over their traditional territories.
  • Advocating for wildlife and ecosystems: Species in the rainforest are at risk of extinction despite commitments in the agreement. We push for the conservation of habitat.

The latest updates


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