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Forest Stewardship Council certification (FSC)

Publication - March 31, 2008
Look for the logo

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international, non-profit association that issues certificates for well managed forests. It was formed through the collaborative efforts of more than one hundred participants representing economic, social, indigenous and environmental interests.

Ecologically responsible forest management such as that required by the FSC, seeks to ensure that the ecosystem of the forest is not damaged and the rate of logging does not exceed that which can be permanently sustained. The impacts on the plant and animal life in the forest from this method of logging are minimized. Greenpeace is a founding member of the FSC and is active in its development at both the international, national and regional levels.

As consumer demand for sustainably harvested forest products continues to grow, a variety of certification systems have been developed – often by industry alone. Labels such as “SFI”, “CSA” and “ISO” simply do not offer the assurance customers are seeking. FSC is the only certification system supported by Greenpeace and the majority of environmental organizations. If you want to support responsible forestry – look for the FSC tree logo.

How does FSC compare to other unacceptable certification systems? (PDF, 980K)

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