GE oilseed rape – impossible to control

Publication - July 10, 2012
When governments were first considering whether to commercialise GE (genetically engineered, also called genetically modified, GM) oilseed rape (or canola), they were faced with a barrage of reports, both from environmental NGOs and industry organisations that warned of GE contamination if GE oilseed rape was cultivated.

Some governments did not heed this warning and authorised the cultivation GE oilseed rape. There are now several examples of how GE oilseed rape has contaminated conventional oilseed rape where it is grown, and beyond. Even in countries that import (or transfer) but do not grow GE oilseed rape, GE oilseed rape has been found. Contamination infringes on farmers and consumers’ right to say no to GE foodstuffs, poses potential risks to human health and the environment. It’s quite clear that GE oilseed rape cannot be controlled, and should not be grown anywhere in the world.