Loblaws Ranking

Page - May 22, 2009


Atlantic SaveEasy, Atlantic Superstore, Dominion (in Newfoundland and Labrador), Extra Foods, Fortinos, Loblaws, Maxi & Cie, No Frills, Provigo, The Real Canadian Superstore, The Real Canadian Wholesale Club, SuperValu, Valu-mart, Your Independent Grocer, Zehrs, Cash & Carry, T&T.

Redlist species sold

Atlantic cod, haddock, Atlantic halibut, net-pen farmed Atlantic salmon, Atlantic sea scallops, Greenland halibut, tropical shrimp and prawns and yellowfin tuna (canned and fresh).


  • Actively educating customers about seafood sustainability through awareness campaigns.
  • Removed longlined swordfish from sale since last report.

  • Developed sustainability policy so that it applies to all products containing marine ingredients in all stores.


  • 8 Redlist species still on sale.

  • Newly acquired stores have not fully implemented Loblaw’s policy, and continue to sell additional Redlist species.
  • Labeling does not yet include how or where seafood was caught or farmed

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