Overwaitea Ranking

Page - May 22, 2009


Overwaitea Foods, Save-On-Foods, PriceSmart, Urban Fare, Cooper's Foods, Bulkley Valley Wholesale.

Redlist species sold

Atlantic cod (bottom trawled), net-pen farmed Atlantic salmon, haddock, tropical shrimp and prawns and Atlantic sea scallops.


  • Became the first major supermarket chain to discontinue yellowfin tuna, a Redlisted species.
  • Partnered with SeaChoice to implement a sustainable sushi program which helps customers make more informed sushi-buying decisions.
  • Found innovative ways to educate consumers, including sustainability guides at seafood counters, nutrition tours in stores with sustainability components, and new website content.


  • Has yet to specify which product categories other than fresh, frozen and canned seafood will be evaluated to ensure sustainability.
  • 5 Redlist species still on sale, including destructively fished Atlantic sea scallops.

  • Lots of yellow-graded and unspecified species in the seafood cases.

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