Safeway Ranking

Page - May 22, 2009



Redlist species sold

Atlantic sea scallops, haddock, net-pen farmed Atlantic salmon, Atlantic cod, tropical shrimp and prawns, and yellowfin tuna.


  • Pledged not to source from proposed marine reserve areas such as the Ross Sea.
  • Developed a new canned tuna policy that will include sourcing from more sustainable fishing methods and removing certain Redlist species from sale. Removed canned yellowfin tuna from private label brands.
  • Exploring closed-containment salmon as an alternative to open-net pens, and advocating for removal of farms in sensitive marine areas.


  • Sells 6 Redlist species including destructively fished Atlantic sea scallops and haddock.
  • At present, individual products are not labeled with critical information such as area and method of catch or aquaculture.

  • No visible sustainable information or signage at many Safeway stores

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