Page - May 27, 2009

Greenpeace Canada Redlist

Fishery Facts

Latin Name Merluccius productus, Merluccius paradoxus, Merluccius capensis, Merluccius merluccius, Merluccius hubbsi, Merluccius australis, Merluccius gayi gayi

Common Name North Pacific Hake, Pacific Whiting

Fishing Method Pelagic, mid-water trawl.

Region of Harvest US and Canadian  and other coastal Pacific waters.


Why is it on the red list?   Biology

1. The US stock is under severe pressure due to overfishing – it is at a record low and declining rapidly. US catch levels are expected to cause an even steeper decline in the coming year.

2. Bycatch includes the endangered Chinook salmon populations as well as Redlisted rockfish.

3. Juvenile hake are caught by fish trawlers off the coast of Oregon, undermining the species ability to reproduce.

1. Hake live up to 15 years old

2. Hake are nocturnal and feed on shrimp, plankton, and smaller fishes

3. Hake are an important prey species for sea lions, small cetaceans and the Redlisted dogfish sharks