Atlantic Haddock

Page - May 27, 2009

Greenpeace Canada Redlist

Fishery Facts

Latin Name Melanogrammus aeglefinus

Fishing Method Trawling, with a small fraction caught with bottom longlines and gill nets.

Region of Harvest Northwest Atlantic: Scotian Shelves, Bay of Fundy, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Georges Bank, Gulf of Maine.

Why is it on the red list?   Biology

1. Haddock stocks in some areas of the world are showing signs of recovery, but others are still in an unhealthy condition.

2. Bycatch and discard rates are serious concerns in otter trawling. This is especially true for bycatch of already depleted cod and cusk stocks.

3. The use of bottom trawling gear has negative impacts on benthic ecosystems.

Haddock mature around three years, and can live up to 14 years, but few survive past the age of nine.