Out of Stock: Supermarkets and the Future of Seafood

Publication - June 16, 2008
Oceans contain the planet's most diverse ecosystems and are home to an estimated 90 per cent of the Earth's living organisms, many of which are essential to human survival. Earth's oceans are in peril because global fishing operations take 2.5 times more fish and seafood than is sustainable. Ninety per cent of large, commercially valuable species such as cod, tuna and swordfish have vanished from the oceans, and 27 million tonnes of marine life are caught incidentally and thrown overboard dead or dying each year.

Greenpeace's Out of Stock: Supermarkets and the Future of Seafood documents the severe threat to the sustainability of fish and seafood and urges Canadian supermarkets to bear their responsibility for these stocks. Supermarkets, selling 63 per cent of the fish and seafood available for consumption, can play an active role in improving the industry's sustainability and in educating consumers by not selling the 15 species groups identified on the Greenpeace Redlist.

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