Help change Clover Leaf's tuna

We're sending letters to Clover Leaf employees to ask them to persuade their employer to source from less destructive tuna fishing methods and ensure only ocean-friendly products.


Clover Leaf employees can help their company reduce ocean destruction!

Join other Canadians demanding ocean-friendly tuna.

Dear Clover Leaf employee,

We are concerned about the lack of progress made by Clover Leaf Seafoods to provide more ocean-friendly tuna options for Canadian consumers.  We are aware of fishing methods that reduce the amount of wasted marine life, and we want to see Clover Leaf source from them.

While other brands in Canada are making changes to their sourcing and replacing products with greener options, Clover Leaf has not announced any plans or made any commitments to do so. We are asking you, as an employee of Clover Leaf, to encourage your company to act more quickly to reduce its impact on our oceans.