Clover Leaf labeling bites

Page - June 1, 2011
Clover Leaf products don’t say “may contain species of tuna not on this label” or “shark and sea turtle unfriendly.” Without knowing the fishing methods used to catch the tuna in your can, those statements could have more truth than you’d like.

Getting the information you need from Clover Leaf products to make more informed tuna purchasing decisions that support healthy oceans isn’t easy. But certain elements on a label can help you avoid Clover Leaf’s worst products, and help you understand what to look for in other brands.

Most Clover Leaf products have the common name. The company also provides information on its website about the fishing methods used to catch tuna and which species of tuna are commonly caught. But, a customer reading a can label on a supermarket shelf is none the wiser, as this information is not present.

Key things missing on the Clover Leaf label that would help customers make more informed decisions:

  • Where the tuna was caught
  • How the tuna was caught
  • The specific common and latin name of the species