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March 2009

Image | March 14, 2009 at 18:13

A major victory: SFK Pulp, a Quebec pulp producer, commits to purchasing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified woodchips after customers demand change.

Greenpeace Billboard Against Nuclear Energy

Image | March 12, 2009 at 16:56

Greenpeace activists blocked the entrance to the Pickering Nuclear plant with a giant billboard that read, "Minister: Don't Nuke Green Energy," which included a caricature of provincial Nuclear Energy Minister George Smitherman dumping nuclear...

Greenpeace Activists Light Smoke Flares

Image | March 12, 2009 at 16:54

A Greenpeace activist lights an orange smoke flare as part of the protest against the McGuinty government's plan to refit nuclear reactors at the Pickering plant.


Image gallery | March 12, 2009

Lots of fish farm planning, not a lot of foresight

Blog entry by Sarah King | March 6, 2009

Yet another aquaculture development project was announced this week and this time, for a change of taste, it was for cod. As I read the announcement on the DFO website that the the gov of Canada and the Newfoundland dept. of...

Third baby orca spotted off Vancouver island!!!!

Blog entry by Sarah King | March 6, 2009 1 comment

With hopeful news from the feds last week that the critical habitat of the southern and resident orcas off B.C. is now, as of Wednesday, legally protected under the Species at Risk Act, the orcas have shown their gratitude with another...

Ecosystem-Based Management in the Great Bear Rainforest: Better Defense for Climate...

Publication | March 5, 2009 at 16:55

A report based on a review of potential climate change implications of the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements by Dr. R.F. Holt. Jointly commissioned by ForestEthics, Greenpeace and Sierra Club BC.


Blog entry by JessieS | March 3, 2009

Powershift 2009 in Vancouver From February 27th to March 2nd, 2009 young people from across the United States converged on Washington D.C. to take a message of bold, comprehensive and immediate federal climate action to Capitol...

Largest Civil Disobedience on Global Warming in U.S. History Turns up the Heat on...

Blog entry by Dave Martin | March 3, 2009

Washington, D.C., United States — In the shadow of the U.S. Capitol, clean energy activists from around the country staged the largest mass civil disobedience on global warming in American history. Over 2,500 people gathered in...

Greenpeace executive director launches climate solutions tour for a nuclear-free Ontario

Feature story | February 23, 2009 at 17:00

Greenpeace executive director Bruce Cox will tour 10 cities in Ontario to promote nuclear-free climate change solutions and expose the greenwashing of the province’s proposed Green Energy Act.

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