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What does a credible Alberta Climate Change Strategy look like?

Blog entry by Emilia Kennedy | November 20, 2015

In the coming days Alberta is getting a new climate change strategy. And its getting one just in time - at the end of this month, world leaders will meet in Paris to try to come up with a global plan to address the growing crisis. With...

#ABClimateDays - It’s Action Time

Blog entry by Emilia Kennedy | November 16, 2015

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and her government have promised to release an “ambitious, effective and achievable” set of climate policies in time for the UN Climate negotiations in Paris, and their deadline is fast approaching...

Alberta Must Meet the Science and Justice of Climate Change and We Have To Help Them...

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | November 15, 2015

We are living in an unprecedented time. This year will likely be the hottest year ever recorded . Parts of the Middle East are set to be uninhabitable as climate change creates heat and humidity waves ‘ fundamentally...

Sad, scared, alone. The baby orangutan orphaned by the plantation industry

Blog entry by Zamzami | November 13, 2015

For half an hour Otan wouldn't let go. Only eight months old, he already had a vice-like grip, his nails digging so deep they left half-moon imprints in the skin of his carer. If there were trees, Otan would be swinging freely from...

Which way, Great Bear Rainforest?

Blog entry by Eduardo Sousa | November 11, 2015

The Great Bear Rainforest. Photo: Oliver Salge/Greenpeace The road to safeguarding the Great Bear Rainforest from industrial logging has been a long and winding one. Indeed, for Greenpeace it’s been a road-in-the-making for at...

Volkswagen's CO2 emissions: Das problem

Blog entry by Daniel Moser | November 11, 2015

If lying about the nitrogen oxide emissions of 11 million of its cars were not bad enough, German carmaker Volkswagen shocked us again when it revealed it had understated the CO2 emissions of its cars in Europe as well. This is why...

Greenpeace magazine volume 16 no 1 / summer 2015

Publication | November 11, 2015 at 15:02

This issue of Greenpeace Magazine features stories about our work on building relationships and renewing connections, how People Power faces up to TransCanada and how the current model of industrial agriculture and agribusiness is broken.

Less meat, better for everyone

Blog entry by Elena Danali | November 10, 2015

The recent  announcement  from the World Health Organisation (WHO) which classified processed meat as a carcinogenic and red meat as "possibly carcinogenic" (similar to  Glyphosate  in Roundup) shows that the amount and the frequency...

#NoKXL: The Day the People Won

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | November 9, 2015

Nelson Mandela once said, “It’s always impossible until it’s done.” I never knew truly what that meant until Friday when the President of the United States echoed the words that so many of us had been saying for years and rejected...

Saving the last Japanese dugongs

Blog entry by Karli Thomas, Oceans Campaigner at Greenpeace NZ | November 6, 2015

The home of the last few Japanese dugongs is about to be landfilled to make way for two airstrips - part of the expansion of a US military base on the island of Okinawa. But a movement nearly 18 years old is standing up to say NO.

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