BC's next Premier? Sal Spirit Bear campaign video released

Feature story - February 17, 2011
Vancouver — If someone threatened to crisscross your home with pipelines that undermined promises that your home was secure, what would you do? Great Bear Rainforest resident Sal Spirit Bear decided to run for BC Premier.

Today 9 am PST, Greenpeace released a new video in the Sal Spirit Bear campaign. The video, created by local production house Point Blank Creative, is available at www.salspiritbear.ca

Sal Spirit Bear’s Campaign Manager Phil Cormack, played by Alvin Singh, is featured in the video, fielding questions and reflecting on the challenges of running a spirit bear for premier. When asked if it's hard to run a spirit bear for the leadership of the BC Liberal party, Cormack says, “Yes. But people feel very strongly about Sal. And we think that's a good thing... most of the time.”

Aside from being on the lookout for fresh fish, Sal is devoted to keeping a steady paw on the landmark Great Bear Rainforest Agreements. Progress on the agreements is behind schedule and Spirit Bear is the only Liberal candidate committed to the full implementation of these agreements.

“We need to get these Agreements on track, otherwise British Columbians and the world will be deprived of the protection of this magnificent forest that the landmark conservation agreement can bring,” said Eduardo Sousa, Greenpeace forest campaigner, who is moonlighting as Sal. “Sal brings humour into the leadership race, while at the same time focuses needed attention on the Great Bear Rainforest agreements that the BC Liberals have been so proud of.”

Threats of the proposed Enbridge pipelines and the hundreds of oil tankers they would bring to the coast are also of great concern to Sal. Without full implementation and these new threats dealt with, Sal Spirit Bear's home remains at risk. This is unacceptable and Sal is determined to protect the Great Bear Rainforest for friends, family, communities and generations to come.

The SPIRIT Campaign video appears at salspiritbear.ca, where visitors can review Sal's SixClaw-Point Plan, as well as interact with and vote for Sal. Follow Sal Spirit Bear on Facebook at facebook.com/home.php#!/salforbcpremier or on Twitter at @salspiritbear.

In addition to the salspiritbear.ca site, the video is at also available on www.greenpeace.ca  and on YouTube.