Environment Minister Peter Kent “finds love” with oil executive in online video

Feature story - February 14, 2011
Toronto — Oil and state are a perfect match on Valentine’s Day, suggests a new video released today by Greenpeace.

The tongue-in-cheek video depicts Environment Minister Peter Kent and “Janet,” an oil executive from the tar sands, recounting their love affair in a mock advertisement patterned after a popular dating site. 

Comedians Peter Keleghan (18 to Life, Made in Canada, The Newsroom) and Debra McGrath (Little Mosque on the Prairie, Second City) play the happy couple as they talk about their romance, do dying-duck imitations and shred a copy of a report on water monitoring.

“The tar sands are a blight on Canada and should be stopped,” said McGrath. “I was happy to have the chance to do this video and help send a message to Canadians that we should all be concerned about the environmental destruction in the tar sands and the need for Canada to do more to build more clean energy.”

“I’m concerned about the air pollution and other emissions from tar sands operations in Alberta and the impact they are having on the environment and communities,” said Keleghan. “I see the humour in this video as a way to reach large numbers of Canadians and get them to ask the federal and Alberta governments to stop the tar sands and support sustainable energy.”

The video appears on the PolluterHarmony.ca web site. Viewers can read about other successful matches between politicians and oil industry execs, including Alberta Environment Minister Rob Renner and new oilsands monitoring chair, Hal Kvisle, and send a “love note” to Minister Kent.

“Since he was named Environment Minister, Peter Kent has acted more as a spokesman for the dirty tar sands industry than as a protector of the environment,” said Keith Stewart, climate and energy campaigner at Greenpeace. “The video uses humour to make the point, but the way the Harper government is prioritizing oil company profits over the public interest is no laughing matter.” 

Check out the video, romance success stories and the love note to Minister Kent at: www.PolluterHarmony.ca