Good news for tigers! Top Canadian buyer drops rainforest paper supplier

Feature story - July 9, 2012
Major Canadian office supplier White Paper Co. is severing ties with Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) because of its links to rainforest destruction. APP is the subject of a global campaign by Greenpeace for its involvement in illegal logging and devastation of endangered Sumatran tiger habitat.

White Paper Co. severs ties with APP because of its links to rainforest destruction and devastation of endangered Sumatran tiger habitat. Now encourage KFC to do the same. © Alamy


“White Paper choosing environmentally responsible options and moving from APP means that thousands of Canadians will no longer be using rainforest destruction in their daily lives,” said Shane Moffatt, Forest Campaigner with Greenpeace Canada. “That’s a real win for the environment and I congratulate White Paper on their leadership.”

White Paper Co., one of APP’s largest Canadian customers, responsible for distributing APP copy paper across the country is now instead offering 100% recycled and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper. White Paper Co. delivers millions of sheets of office paper across the country everyday.

“At White Paper Co. we are committed to offering environmental alternatives that assist our valued clients in achieving their sustainability objectives,” according to Reg Fitzgerald, Vice President of Corporate Development. “It is imperative to us that our suppliers share that commitment and we encourage APP to achieve genuine sustainability and operate in harmony with their invaluable natural resources.”

Thanks to your support and action, White Paper Co. severed its ties with APP. We are one step closer to protecting Indonesia’s remaining rainforests and endangered Sumatran tiger habitat. Now help us get even closer by asking KFC to do the same.


APP’s failure to embrace sustainability continues to drive away customers and investors worldwide. This includes Canadian financial giant Mackenzie Investments, which in May announced its divestment of US$24 million from APP’s operations. With its announcement, White Paper Co. joins Mattel, Home Depot, Xerox, Adidas and a host of other global brands refusing to do business with APP due to its reputation.

Despite the clear evidence and actions of their peers, some companies, like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), continue to use packaging sourced from rainforests and supplied by APP. 

“The fact is that Canadians don’t want products sourced from rainforest and endangered tiger habitat destruction,” said Moffatt.  “APP’s reliance on rainforest destruction has to stop. Otherwise the company will continue to lose customers around the world.”

APP is the third largest pulp and paper producer in the world. It operates five mills across Canada through the Paper Excellence Holding Corporation, largely for export and processing at its facilities in China. APP imports compete with sustainable Canadian businesses in a range of products.

Since the launch of this campaign we have seen over 60 companies, including Mattel, Hasbro, Nestlé, Kraft, and others commit to stop trading with APP because of its links to rainforest destruction. Let’s keep the momentum going! Help us add another to the list.

Take action and ask KFC to stop using paper sourced from rainforest destruction.

Read Greenpeace’s exposé on APP’s links to illegal logging