Greenpeace activists target tar sands tanker loading facility

Feature story - October 16, 2013
Sixteen Greenpeace activists targeted the loading dock at Kinder Morgan’s tar sands pipeline terminus in Metro Vancouver in an early morning protest.


Two activists are now locked to the dock’s oil pumping mechanism. Their message: “Harper: No Tar Sands Pipelines.” Another group of activists are currently painting: “Stop the Tar Sands“ on one of Kinder Morgan’s storage tanks.

Greenpeace wants to remind Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Premier Clark that British Columbians do not want tar sands pipelines and hundreds of super tankers threatening B.C.’s pristine coast.

The protest is in response to the federal government’s renewed effort to push two tar sands pipelines through British Columbia as well as pipelines to the U.S. and through eastern Canada and Quebec. Harper’s reckless plan to expand the tar sands has run into an “unbroken wall of opposition” in B.C. from over 130 First Nations, along with environmental and other groups, who recognize that every extra tanker or kilometer of pipeline increases the risks to the environment and our communities.

The message of the action is clear - it is time to say no to tar sands expansion and yes to a green energy future. Greenpeace will not stand by and let Harper bring hundreds of super tankers to B.C.’s pristine coastline.

The tar sands are already the fastest rising source of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada and one of the largest reserves of fossil fuels on the planet. It would be reckless to deepen our addiction to oil by building new tar sands pipelines when we need to invest those resources into green alternatives.

The action is part of Greenpeace’s continuing opposition to energy projects that pose the greatest threat to the world’s climate.

The tar sands and Arctic drilling represent the ugliest face of our global oil addiction. Greenpeace protests these dangerous oil projects whether they are in British Columbia or north of Russia. Prime Minister Harper and other global leaders need to get the message that it’s time to break our global oil addiction and build the green energy revolution we need.

Please write to Prime Minister Harper today.

The activists involved in the protest wore armbands with “Arctic 30” printed on them as a show of support and solidarity with the 30 people detained by Russian authorities after two Greenpeace activists, in a peaceful protest, attempted to climb onto an oil drilling platform in international waters, north of Russia.