Greenpeace praises RONA’s progress on helping protect the Boreal Forest

Feature story - November 26, 2010
Greenpeace praised home renovation giant RONA today for the significant progress on using sustainable and responsible sources of supply for its wood products. The company announced today that 25 per cent of the lumber sold in its stores is certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council, surpassing its 2012 target two years ahead of time.

The Rona announcement highlights the importance to Greenpeace of convincing large corporate purchasers of forest products to drive better forest management and more protection of wilderness areas.

“When RONA adopted a progressive wood purchasing policy in 2008 with targets and timelines, the company sent a clear signal to Canadian logging companies that to do business with the company, change and improvement were required.” said Melissa Filion, Greenpeace forest campaigner. “That commitment to sustainable forestry has paid off.”

FSC is the only system of certification supported by majority of environmental organizations and is based on the agreement of aboriginal peoples, forest products companies, and social interest organizations including unions. FSC is recognized globally as the leading form of forest certification.

Loss of large intact wilderness remains an urgent issue with woodland caribou heading towards extinction in provinces such as Ontario and Quebec. Forest products companies such as Rona play a major role in driving positive change.

The protection of the last stretches of intact Boreal forest and the habitat of threatened species must go hand in hand with FSC certification. Establishing protected areas is the responsibility of provincial governments.