Greenpeace puts climate change on the agenda for federal election

Feature story - April 15, 2011
Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity and the rest of nature this century. Yet, in Election 2011 climate change barely gets a mention from leaders on the campaign trail.

To Greenpeace this is a mistake, one we hope to change. We have looked at the party records and party platforms to try to assess where they stand on solving the climate crisis.

Climate change matters. People are being affected now. Hundreds of thousands of people die every year from the impacts of climate change and millions more are displaced. Canada, along with other developed counties, hasn’t taken significant action on climate change. The impacts on people will become worse if politicians continue to ignore the issue.

Greenpeace has produced a leaflet showing the qualities of a candidate who supports climate action. We also assessed where the leaders of the five federal parties stand on five key climate-related issues. We looked at these criteria:

1. Shows leadership on climate change action

2. Ends all subsidies to tar sands companies

3. Saves the northern B.C. coastline from oil tankers

4. Supports a moratorium on oil drilling in the Arctic

5. Requires the nuclear industry to foot the full cost of nuclear accidents.

Find out if the leaders running in this federal election measure up environmentally: check out our leaflet and chart. Then vote for an environmental candidate.

Download document in PDF format