My love for the planet and why we must protect the Arctic

by Les Stroud

Feature story - February 28, 2013
*Les Stroud, a Canadian musician and the creator and star of Survivorman and Beyond Survival TV series with Les Stroud, is an engaged citizen who is committed to saving our planet. Using music and words , Stroud shares the origins of his attachment to nature in a wonderful blog and offers a free download of his song “Artic Mistress”.

The passion I carry for music, adventure and the environment has run deep and strong within me throughout my entire life. From my earliest days I was passionate about the work of pioneers like Jacques Cousteau. As a young boy my connection to the natural earth was never questioned and I took it for granted that the connection was real and, even though I didn't understand it, full of love.

My love for the planet, all things wild and free, and the pristine freshness that could and should still exist in the wild, is at the forefront of my life right now. This connection has given me my new mission. With so many adventures behind me and so many more to come, it has become my goal to reconnect people with the energy and force of Mother Earth and all things natural. In this way I believe that eventually people will realize that you cannot destroy what you know and love. And you cannot know and love the earth if you do not connect to it.

With my creation of what I call Earth Music I intend to begin a whole new genre of music performance and creation. My new song Arctic Mistress is the first of many pieces that are meant to draw attention to the physical, cultural and spiritual treasures that will slip away from us if we fail to protect the world that gives us life. I want these songs to inspire people to take action to protect what’s still left.

I am offering my song Arctic Mistress to all the people who care about the future of the Arctic and the future of the planet, which are one and the same. I am offering it here for free because I believe in and support Greenpeace’s work to Save the Arctic, and I want you to support it too.

Rapid climate change is putting the Arctic, one of the last pristine environments on Earth, at risk. Oil companies and industrial fisheries are ready to profit from the drastic melting of the ice and are preparing to rip off the natural resources of the region, with no concern for the destruction they cause to the Earth. But they will not succeed: we will stop them.

Please join me and Greenpeace in calling for a global sanctuary in the Arctic, for the sake of this planet that we love so much. Sign up today at