Greenpeace encourages fighting climate change by peaceful civil disobedience

Feature story - August 27, 2009
Greenpeace has extended the summer camp season to train activists in peaceful civil disobedience as a way to fight climate change.

Climate Action Camps are weekend-long, training camps in peaceful civil disobedience for those who are concerned about climate change and have lost confidence in their political leaders.

The kick off to a series of climate action camps was today near Edmonton. The aim is to train as many people as possible in using peaceful civil disobedience to fight against global warming.  

More then 30 individuals from Alberta and Saskatchewan are participating in this first camp being held at Camp Meywasin, near Lake Wabamun south of Edmonton.  

Mike Hudema, Greenpeace climate and energy campaigner and Alberta Tar Sands expert along with Dave Martin, Greenpeace climate and energy campaign coordinator, welcomed the participants. Workshops will take place over the course of the weekend to educate attendees in climate change and inspire people to take action. Seven instructors will present a dozen workshops between Friday evening and Sunday.  

What is a Climate Action Camp?

It's a chance to learn how to fight the current political inertia on the growing climate emergency. Greenpeace will share its know-how with participants on activism and non-violence.  

The goal: encourage as many persons as possible to take action to protect the climate and to demand that politicians actively fight against global warming.  

The means: non-violent civil disobedience and non-violent direct action. All this in a creative environment.  

The program: workshops on environmental justice, art and activism for environmental protection; practical workshops on organizing a peaceful civil disobedience activity, media relations, using the Web, etc….

Starting point: Alberta  

Alberta was chosen as the first location for the camps because of the industrial development of the tar sands.  

The tar sands are the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. Emissions will get worse as tar sands development increases.  

Canada is ignoring its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions because the federal and Alberta governments want to exploit the tar sands and the dirty oil produced there.

Participants in the climate action camps will be helping to turn Canada into a leader from a laggard on climate change in the countdown to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen, in December.

Coming soon in a city near you!

Climate Action Camps are traveling. In the next few months, Greenpeace will be in Toronto, Montréal, Halifax and Vancouver. Your chance to sign up!